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Welcome to Shivver's Bar and Chill.  

Shivver’s Bar & Chill, LLC creates one-of-a-kind varieties of sno-cones, freshly shaved artisan ice and frozen yogurts.  We offer alcoholic (spiked) as well as traditional, sugar-free and gourmet flavors, all custom recipes (no syrups). We are excited to bring something new and innovative to the event and party industry.  

The Shivver’s Bar & Chill sno-cones are classy, more upscale yet still have the nostalgic charm of an original sno-cone. We have the capacity to do any style event, from frat parties and sporting events to weddings and galas.  Regardless of the type of event, we use the finest Hawaiian shaved ice, fresh ingredients and top-shelf liquors. 

Just some of the fun flavors and names of our treats:
 Sno-tini: a vast selection of flavored spirits, juices, purees, nectars and toppings (vodka based)

 Sno-garita: Traditional and flavored margaritas with fresh ingredients and top-shelf tequilas 

 Sno-jito: Fresh muddled fruits with tasty rums. 

To add to the whimsy and fun-factor, we also have a “Build Your Own” option.  Our patrons have the ability to choose their own ingredients no matter how conservative or creative.  A full list of spirits, mixers and toppers are available to choose from. Once they make their selections, we shake it up and pour over the fine fresh ice.  Delish! 

In addition to our spiked varieties, we also offer several non-alcoholic recipes.     
      Flavored lemonades, ice teas and coffees
      Organic and fresh fruit juices
      Red Bull, energy drinks
      Sugar-free juices

Our spiked varieties are also available as non-alcoholic

Watermelon Lemonade
Mango Iced Tea
Caramel Apple
Red Velvet Cake
Pumpkin Pie
Bloody Mary (chipotle or regular)
Black Forest
Lemon Drop
Cotton Candy
Bubble Gum
Triple Espresso
Coconut Pineapple
Chocolate Covered Banana or Strawberry

*Flavored alcohol-infused whipped creams are also available for add on sales.
*For permanent locations, we will add varieties of sno-jitos and sno-garitas as well.


Ginger Pineapple – fresh pineapple with our signature ginger syrup
Ginger Lime – fresh muddled limes with our signature ginger syrup
Peanut Butter & Jelly – strawberry puree with a preserve and peanut butter drizzle
Iced Coffee w/ cream or coconut cream – variety of iced coffees and condiments
Flavored ice teas and lemonades (with fresh fruit)
Zrii (
Chocolate covered banana – fresh banana puree topped with a chocolate drizzle

We use no sugary syrups or chemicals. 
We also offer creative toppings such as coconut, pop rocks and nostalgic candies.

      Shivver's Bar and Chill is expanding our line of icy goodness beyond just sno-cones.  We are now offering servings of frozen yogurt topped with traditional toppings like nuts, candies, berries, sauces, etc but we are taking it a step further by offering spiked berries as well.  Imagine your favorite flavor of frozen yogurt or soft-serve ice cream topped with champagne soaked strawberries or spiced rum raspberries... a fine way to enjoy a hot summer day, if you ask me. 

      Why stop there though?  We are also incorporating Artisan Spiked Ice as well.  This is a large block of ice on a stand that our sexy brrrr-istas will shave by hand with vintage artisan tools and then top with our own custom cocktails. It is entertaining, refreshing and tasty all in one.   

      Shivver’s Bar & Chill is a fun, trendy product/brand that will create a party atmosphere for kids and/or for the kid in you.  We will provide a light, creative, nostalgic product that will refresh the palette as well as the spirit.  

The Shivver’s environment creates a festive feel.  With music pumping, fun-loving bartenders, an uber-cool mascot and tomfoolery, Shivver’s Bar and Chill is designed to lighten the spirit as well as your body temperature.  

Our goal is to be at as many major events and festivals as possible, in addition to being hired for private special events and permanent locations.  We will market our tasty, fun and refreshing beverages as well as our merchandise and brand.  We aspire to build a brandable entity that people will soon recognize and even seek when at games, tournaments, concerts, parades and when visiting the Las Vegas strip.  People love the idea of eating a sno-cone of their favorite cocktail as much as we enjoy making them and dreaming up new recipes.  


Currently researching and developing our own line of flavor infused vodkas.  Eventually, Shivver’s will have our own line and offer them in our signature drinks as well as shots in our icy goodness shot glasses.  Be watching for these flavors: 

Green Tea
Cucumber Mint

Our brand is a key element to our success and a great deal of effort has been put into creating an image appealing to youngsters and the not-as-young alike.  
Meet “Shivver” – he is a very likable, slightly mischievous and always fun-loving mascot.  Shivver’s Bar and Chill is his domain and he likes to have a great time but prefers his beverages be of the icy variety.  “Shivver” is our super-cool host. He will attend special events and create havoc and laughs. 

We will generate several viral campaigns by sending “Shivver” out on crazy escapades to find the perfect new recipes/ingredients for the bar and chill.  He will no doubt find himself in some interesting predicaments but will always return with our new cool flavor.  

We will capitalize on the social networking phenomenon. “Shivver” will have his own Facebook page and will tweet regularly from events.  He can offer specials, announce new locations and invite patrons to participate in contests, offer recipe suggestions, etc.  


The primary products to be sold through Shivver’s Bar & Chill LLC will be shaved ice topped with varieties of everyone’s favorite cocktails, as well as traditional and gourmet non-alcoholic varieties. 

All events can/will have custom menus.  For example, at a golf tournament, drink names can be golf references.  For private events, we can utilize names of management, clients and employees. Anything to make it personal and memorable.  

Depending on location/type of event, we will offer specific menu items.  For example, at a parade or marathon we will feature Gatorade sno-cones, at cultural fairs we can have horchata and for more upscale events, we can offer champagne.  Additional avant-garde flavors up for consideration are absinthe, whiskeys and mimosas.


To add to the “fun” factor, Shivver’s Bar & Chill will also sell crazy straws, illuminated martini glasses and Shivver’s Bar & Chill branded clothing.

One of our favorite add-on items is our “couture cone”.  We will offer several specialty cones that can be purchased as souvenirs, including Las Vegas themes, Just Married, Bride To Be,  Happy Birthday and eventually celebrity endorsed/designed cones.  

Tank tops, T-shirts, earmuffs, hats and scarves will be sold with company logo in a variety of colors with trademarked slogans to include:  

"Wicked Cool"  “Cool Rules"  “Be Cool”

“Chill Out!”   “Brrrrr, it’s hot”  “Cool just got a whole lot cooler”  “Blame it on the sno-cones”

“What’s cooler than being cool?”   “Just Chill”  “Catch the Buzz” 
There are an unlimited amount of fun and hip retail products that we can incorporate but a personal favorite is our "couture cone".   Customized cone-cups with a variety of designs, to include: Just Married, Happy Birthday, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party and Las Vegas themes will be created to hold patron's drinks and bling up their day/night. 


We are actively seeking additional capital, sponsors and affiliates.  If you or someone you may know may be interested in becoming a part of our exciting and growing brand, we'd love to chat.  We are so proud of what we have built and beyond thrilled to take it from coast to coast.  

For more information, contact Tonya Farrens at 

Shivver's on "Living in Las Vegas"

We had a great time on the set of "Living in Las Vegas" and brought some tasty samples for the hosts and audience.

Shivvery Summer Shenanigans

A sneak peak into our super fun summer...

Here comes the retail

We finally have some retail items: sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats and even something for Fido.  More fun stuff coming soon so check back!

Shivver Smiles

Ah, how we love the smiles.  
Shivver's is not only about tasty treats, 
but great fun too.

Let's Get Started.

If I am being completely honest, I have never really liked snow cones.  Even as a kid, I found the syrups too sweet and the ice crunchy.  My Dad, however, loves 'em.  Any family vacation, trip to an amusement park or fair and we would be sniffing out the closest cart as soon as we arrived.  While I always found it charming to witness my family's appreciation for that heap of artificial coloring, high fructose corn syrup and flimsy paper cup - I just couldn't get on board.

I’ve since spent my life climbing the ladders of high-profile companies in the creative arts and entertainment industry.  I hit 30 and realized that I had already reached my professional goal and was employed by my dream company.  Frustratingly, I felt unfulfilled and restless.  It was soon thereafter that it all became clear to me and I had a new goal. I wanted to be an entrepreneur.  I visualized building a company that others would dream of working for and growing with.  I gave time to several different projects over the years but the spark still eluded me.  I was looking for something that I was truly passionate about, but would also provide a creative outlet.  I am ecstatic that I have finally found it and two years after the initial spark of an idea, it is a reality.  This company is everything that I had dreamt of; it’s innovative, exciting, whimsical, and profitable with unlimited growth potential.  
I’m starting a snow cone business!!!!

Whoa!  Wait a second here… but I don’t like snow cones!!  Well, I didn't until I realized I could add vodka!! I have since created multiple recipes for handcrafted cocktail "sno-cones".  I don't use the sugary syrups.  I use only fresh juices, purees and nectars, as well as top-shelf liquors and light fluffy ice.  Despite trials, tribulations and a huge learning curve, I have built not only a company but also a brand. A brand that I am beyond proud of. 

I have friends that ask me how I could walk away from the glitz and glam of the entertainment industry.  I invite them to spend just one night working with me and seeing the faces of people that are enjoying a beverage that brings them the nostalgia of childhood with the taste of adulthood.  It is as though the child within comes out to play, if even just for a bit. 

Shivver's is more than just the drinks though.  I spend many late nights getting very clear about what the atmosphere of the company needs to be, designing everything from the cups and retail to couture cones.  But the element that stirs me the most and lifts me up is the future employees.  The company as a whole and what we collectively can and will do for the community is my true “big picture”.  To some, it may just be a snow cone company.  For me, it is a new life of a long sought-after passion and joy.

If you want to see this girl really come to life, ask me about Shivver’s Bar & Chill. 

Enjoy the blog and I hope to serve you a Shivver’s liquor-laced goody soon.

Tonya Farrens
Chief Executive Optimist/Director of Mischief
Shivver’s Bar and Chill, LLC

To make your special event even more special, call us.