Let's Get Started.

If I am being completely honest, I have never really liked snow cones.  Even as a kid, I found the syrups too sweet and the ice crunchy.  My Dad, however, loves 'em.  Any family vacation, trip to an amusement park or fair and we would be sniffing out the closest cart as soon as we arrived.  While I always found it charming to witness my family's appreciation for that heap of artificial coloring, high fructose corn syrup and flimsy paper cup - I just couldn't get on board.

I’ve since spent my life climbing the ladders of high-profile companies in the creative arts and entertainment industry.  I hit 30 and realized that I had already reached my professional goal and was employed by my dream company.  Frustratingly, I felt unfulfilled and restless.  It was soon thereafter that it all became clear to me and I had a new goal. I wanted to be an entrepreneur.  I visualized building a company that others would dream of working for and growing with.  I gave time to several different projects over the years but the spark still eluded me.  I was looking for something that I was truly passionate about, but would also provide a creative outlet.  I am ecstatic that I have finally found it and two years after the initial spark of an idea, it is a reality.  This company is everything that I had dreamt of; it’s innovative, exciting, whimsical, and profitable with unlimited growth potential.  
I’m starting a snow cone business!!!!

Whoa!  Wait a second here… but I don’t like snow cones!!  Well, I didn't until I realized I could add vodka!! I have since created multiple recipes for handcrafted cocktail "sno-cones".  I don't use the sugary syrups.  I use only fresh juices, purees and nectars, as well as top-shelf liquors and light fluffy ice.  Despite trials, tribulations and a huge learning curve, I have built not only a company but also a brand. A brand that I am beyond proud of. 

I have friends that ask me how I could walk away from the glitz and glam of the entertainment industry.  I invite them to spend just one night working with me and seeing the faces of people that are enjoying a beverage that brings them the nostalgia of childhood with the taste of adulthood.  It is as though the child within comes out to play, if even just for a bit. 

Shivver's is more than just the drinks though.  I spend many late nights getting very clear about what the atmosphere of the company needs to be, designing everything from the cups and retail to couture cones.  But the element that stirs me the most and lifts me up is the future employees.  The company as a whole and what we collectively can and will do for the community is my true “big picture”.  To some, it may just be a snow cone company.  For me, it is a new life of a long sought-after passion and joy.

If you want to see this girl really come to life, ask me about Shivver’s Bar & Chill. 

Enjoy the blog and I hope to serve you a Shivver’s liquor-laced goody soon.

Tonya Farrens
Chief Executive Optimist/Director of Mischief
Shivver’s Bar and Chill, LLC